Thursday, 24 February 2011

World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day (March  3rd) some of our Creative Writing Club have written about thier favourite book and about their favourite part of library club!!


  1. My Favourite Book
    Name: Declan Young
    Class: 1 Bute A
    My favourite books is:
    "Children Of The Lamp" by P.B Kerr
    This book is about:
    Children who go on an adventure. Their nanny finds a magical lamp and there is a bad character who wants to steal it. He is called Iblis.
    I like this book because there are lots of adventures, not just one. The children on the book are twins. They are called John and Philippa. In the story the twins go to Egypt, the children explore the area.
    I have not finished this book yet, but I am really enjoying the story.
    I would recommend this book to other pupils because:
    It is adventurous and an exciting story. The bad character is very creepy and makes me want to keep reading to find out what happens.
    My favourite thing about library club/creative club is:
    That I can talk to other people about books and stories.

  2. Name: Scott Andrew Lucas
    Class: 1.4
    Favourite book: My favourite book is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. This book is about Harry Potter and his friends who set out on a mission to find and destroy the remaining Horcruxs and to put an end to the evil Lord Voldemort and his loyal Death Eaters.
    I would recommend this book to others because it is the ultimate book in the series.
    My favourite thing about creative writing club is the reading and writing.

  3. Name:Kirsty Munn
    My favourite books is:
    The Famous Five
    This is about:
    Four people and a dog who go on adventures and solve mysteries.
    I would recommend this book because:
    It is exciting and cool.
    My favourite thing about library club is:
    Seeing my friends.

  4. Name: Elizabeth Taylor
    Class: 5 Ki B
    My favourite book is:
    Britains's got Talent 2010
    This is about:
    This book is about contestants who have entered Britain's Got Talent. It profiles the differents acts and talents.